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Change All Your Locks On Your New Home

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Home Security Change All Locks

If you have just moved into your new property you naturally want to make it feel secure as possible. At Britannia Master Locksmiths we understand this, which is why we are experts at providing everything you need to feel safe and secure, particularly at night.

Full Door & Window Survey

We can carry out the following:

  • Arrange to meet you as soon as you've completed and carry out a quick lock change.
  • Upgrade all your door locks in one go to meet the latest British Standards, European Standards and Insurance requirements.
  • Fit additional security devices, such as a safe, or window bolts.
  • Open up those doors or windows where the previous owner didn't leave a key.

One Key Fits All Doors

Got a cumbersome big bunch of keys? We can fit locks that are keyed alike, meaning just one key will open all the locks of the same type in the house.

  • How many people have a key to your new property?
  • Are you sure you’re the only one who does?
  • Did the previous owner return ALL the keys when you moved in?
  • Did any of the previous owners ever lose a key or have them stolen in a bag containing any ID or letters?
  • Did the former owner leave a spare key with a neighbour?
  • Has your relationship recently ended and you don't want your former partner to have access to your home?
  • Do you or the old owner leave a key hidden in a ‘safe’ place?
  • Had keys ever been left for a workman whilst the old owner was away from the property?
  • Was the property ever burgled before?

A lot of those questions have answers that will be never conclusively known but if there is even a slim chance of someone using a key to rob you, isn't it better to spend a little on giving yourself peace of mind?

It's a sad fact of life that there are people out there who watch closely for people moving into new homes, size up their possessions as the removers work and then burgle the house soon after. Upgrading your security should always be one of the first things that you arrange as soon as you move in.

Also, if a key is used during a burglary your insurer may NOT pay out as there is no evidence of forced entry. Your insurers expect you to keep your property secure.

Are you still sure you have all the keys?

Contact Britannia Master Locksmiths today and discuss all your home security requirements.


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